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Modifications of Court Orders

What happens if I can't obey a court order?

There are numerous types of court orders than an individual can receive in a divorce-child custody, child support, spousal support, visitation-and these orders must be followed by law. There are some cases, however, where the circumstances of one party change in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to observe the court order. These circumstances call for a court order modification to ensure that the law is not broken and that one party does not suffer due to circumstances outside of their control.

Common causes for modifications of court orders include loss of a job and relocation. When the court has issued a child or spousal support order and the party making monthly payments loses their job (or suffers from wage reduction), they may no longer be unable to afford the rate of payment, or any payments at all. This requires a modification. Likewise, a custodial parent may desire to move and take their child with them, which can interfere with custody or visitation orders. The custodial parent may then petition for a modification of visitation orders so that they can relocate, or the non-custodial parent may desire to fight a wrongful modification that violates their rights. If you need legal assistance with a court order modification, contact Cutter & Lax today.

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