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Ventura County Spousal Support Lawyer

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After a divorce, one party may find themselves unable to support themselves financially. This is usually the result when one party in the divorce was financially dependent on the other while married. Anyone who is pursuing a divorce or has obtained one should not hesitate to retain a Ventura County divorce lawyer to help them obtain a court order for spousal support. By receiving such an order, you will be able to receive a monthly payment from the other party for a set period of time, or until you are able to support yourself.

In general, spousal support orders require one party in a divorce to pay a certain amount each month while the other party seeks employment and steady income. The payments may also be put towards education so that the recipient can pursue a decent career and income in the future. If you need spousal support or alimony, a divorce attorney can help. Likewise, if your spouse is looking to obtain an order for support, a family lawyer can ensure that you are not required to pay more than is deserved. Call the offices of Cutter & Lax to learn more through a free case evaluation.

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