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Visitation Rights

Parenting Plans in Ventura County

One of the matters that must be addressed in a divorce that involves children is visitation rights. Most divorces result in one parent having physical custody of the child or children, which may require the other parent to obtain a court order for visitation. This order allows him or her to spend a certain amount of time with their child so that the other parent cannot legally restrict their contact or involvement with their children. A parenting plan must be agreed upon and drafted during the divorce process or else the court will make the decision, so be sure to hire a competent Ventura County divorce lawyer if you need to obtain visitation rights.

Common visitation rights include spending time with your children on the weekends or for certain hours during weekdays. The other spouse may fight aggressively to deny you any visitation rights or to restrict your time to less than you or your child deserves. At Cutter & Lax, we will not stand for such injustice and fight aggressively on our clients' behalves to defend their rights and fight for the best interest of the child. The court takes each child's best interest into consideration when issuing a court order, which is why you need an attorney who can prove that the child would benefit from you having rights to visitation. Call our offices right away to discuss your options and hire a lawyer who can help.

Retain a Ventura County Visitation Lawyer

For more than two decades, our team has assisted parents in obtaining the visitation rights they deserve and have defended both mothers' and fathers' rights. We work directly with our clients on a personal basis, understanding the importance and effectiveness of personal involvement. We show genuine care for each case we handle and will not settle for less than the best possible outcome. Contact us to learn more!

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