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Alcoholics and Child Custody

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or are considered an alcohol abuser, this will directly your ability to get custody of your children in the event of a divorce. Chances are that your spouse will use this fact to work against you and insist that you are an unfit parent. When deciding who will take custody of the children, the courts typically will look at what arrangement is in their best interests. If the children are safer with a non-alcoholic parent, as is typically the case, then this parent will get primary, if not full, custody of the young ones.

The only time that this may be disputed is if the other parent is also unfit. For example, if one parent is a repentant alcoholic who is currently working hard to change his or her ways, and another parent is a hard-fast heroin addict who has not been making any progress, then the alcoholic parent will most likely take possession of the children. If both parents raise serious concern and the Child Protective Services believes that the little ones are being abused, they have the right to put those children into the foster care system or find a new guardian for the children.

When you are fighting for custody of your children, you want to appear as the best parent that you can possibly be. This means that you may have to quit dangerous habits like alcohol consumption, smoking, or drugs. If you have a hard time withholding from these habits, you may want to enroll yourself in a support group to show the courts that you are repentant and are trying to work on this problem for the sake of your children. If you need more information about alcoholics and child custody, talk to a lawyer at Cutter & Lax. These dedicated divorce attorneys are here to help you with anything you might need when it comes to seeking custody of a loved one.


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