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Appealing a Divorce Case: What You Should Know

If you or your spouse is not happy with the result of a divorce, then you have the right to appeal settlement in hopes of achieving more favorable circumstances. It is important to remember that an appeal is not just a court hearing where you can challenge a judge. Instead, it is a time where you can negotiate and discuss with the court regarding your preferences and smooth out any misunderstandings that affected your trial.

Whenever you decide to appeal a divorce settlement, you want to make sure that you have a hardworking and dedicated lawyer on your side that supports your decision. You will need someone who can advocate for you in front of the judge and explain why the appeal was so necessary. It is likely that the appellate court will listen to your arguments and then ask for more factual information or evidence to back your claims.

For example, if a judge in a divorce chooses to withhold spousal support from a wife, but she truly believes that this is an injustice, she will want to partner with a lawyer who can develop a case to this end. The lawyer can then present these arguments in the court room and see if the judge will agree. There may be some negotiating in store and both the court and the client may need to settle with a happy medium between two desirable verdicts.

When you decide to appeal, hire Cutter & Lax to come alongside you. Maybe your previous attorney was not able to argue to your best interests, which is why you have to spend more time in court with an appeal. With the help of a dedicated attorney like ones from Cutter & Lax, you will have the legal experience that you need to create a convincing argument in court.

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