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Divorce Makes the Home a Battleground

According to a recent video by the Wall Street Journal online divorce can cause a lot of dissension in a home and the battle for the home may be almost as serious. According to Mansion, having an excellent real estate appraiser on your side as you enter into divorce is almost as important as having a good attorney there to help you. An appraiser has the ability to make or break a divorce case because homes are often the biggest shared asset in a high-end divorce. In some divorces, there may even be multiple homes or pieces of land that need to be appraised before the divorce settlement is created.

When you are trying to split up who gets what in a divorce situation, real estate is often the most complicated aspect. When it comes to finances, the court will typically force spouses to divide the money 50/50. Yet when it comes to property, there’s no way to split a residency straight down the middle. The only way to make a fair division in a divorce is when both spouses agree that they will sell the home and split the profit as a part of their division. When one couple wants to keep the house, things can get very complicated.

In many situations, the only way to properly negotiate an equal split of a home is to sell it. There are also times that a spouse can negotiate for all of the proceedings of a sale in exchange for the fact that a spouse will not pay alimony or spousal support. Each divorce case is different, and the courts will generally try and work with each individual couple on a case. If you need more information about how to split your home in a divorce, hire a real estate appraiser and a knowledgeable Ventura divorce attorney today. With these two professionals on your side, you have a better chance of getting the divorce settlement you are hoping for.


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