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Recovering Missed Holiday Time in Custody Orders

When you created your child custody order, chances are that you took holidays into account. If you are a joint custodian of the children, or if you receive regular visitation with your children, then you need to make sure that all court orders are followed vigilantly. Chances are that you divided holidays evenly, but if your spouse did not honor this then you have the right to seek recovered time. Most of the time holiday custody will interrupt your regular custody schedule, but these interruptions have been written into the divorce agreement and must be honored.

If you were supposed to have the children on Father's Day, but your ex-spouse failed to bring them to you, or if you were supposed to spend Memorial Day with your children but your ex did not bring them to you, then you can petition for more time in court. The court will often reimburse mistreated spouses with more visitation or custody time. In some cases, the spouse who violated the custody order may be required to pay compensation to the other spouse.

When there is a recurring pattern of failed agreements, the court may even reopen the divorce case and revise the custody agreement in your favor. You can hire a family attorney to make sure that you are getting the visitation time or custody time that you agreed upon originally in your divorce settlement. Don't hesitate to talk to a lawyer right away for more information about holiday reimbursement. At Cutter & Lax, there are Ventura family attorneys that are willing use their 30 years of experience to help you in your case. Don't wait; fill out a case evaluation form on our website immediately so we can reply quickly with information about your case!

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