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Grounds for Annulment

An annulment is a court procedure that dissolves a marriage and makes it as if the marriage never happens. All things revert back to how they were post-marriage. A divorce is a process which dissolves the marriage but also involves dividing property and child custody, alimony, and other debates and negotiations. There are two types of annulment, a civil annulment and a religious annulment.

If you choose to opt for a civil annulment, you will need to prove one of the grounds for civil annulment. One of these grounds is misrepresentation and fraud. If a spouse lied and after marriage it is learned that he or she is actually married to someone else, then this would be considered a misrepresentation or fraud. Also, if the person claims to be someone that he or she is now, then this could be a misrepresentation or fraud.

Also, couples can achieve an annulment on grounds of concealment. If a spouse concealed an addiction to alcohol or drugs, or did not tell his or her spouse about a felony conviction or children from a prior relationship, then these are reasons that the couple can file for an annulment. Also, if a spouse failed to tell his or her spouse about a sexually transmitted disease or impotency, the state may see it fir to provide an annulment.

Also, if one spouse refuses to consummate the marriage or is unable to do so, then this can be a reason for an annulment. Sexual intercourse is an important component in marriages, and if one spouse cannot consummate the marriage then the marriage may be annulled. Also, if there is a misunderstanding, such as one person wanted children and the other did not, then an annulment may be granted under some circumstances. If you would like to seek annulment from a spouse, hire a Ventura family attorney a Cutter & Lax to assist you with your case today! Learn more on our website!

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